Agriculture Information Technology Officer (AITO)




Position Title Agriculture Information Technology Officer (AITO)
Location  EALCRP Project Implementation Unit (Office)
Duration  12 months
Tentative Start Date  May 2022


The Agriculture Information Technology Officer will assume full responsibility for managing and overseeing the monitoring and information management function of the project at all levels in
close collaboration with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer, Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICTU) and the Agricultural Information Communication and
Technology Unit (AICTU) Officer of the Ministry of Blue and Green economy Agriculture & National food Security (MBGEANFS). Emphasis will be placed on (i) establishing an effective management and exchange of information and learning (ii) monitoring data quality, (iii) contributing to staff capacity building initiatives, (iv) providing strategic information to the PIU Project Manager for evidence-based decision making, and (v) coordinate with technical divisions of the MBGEANFS, Central statistics, trade and the M&E Officer to develop and implement the Agriculture Information Management System (AIMS).

Key Responsibilities

The Agriculture Information Technology Officer will carry out the following tasks:
• Enhance effective management and exchange of agricultural knowledge, information and
learning with stakeholders to inform efficient, effective and sustainable Agricultural
Research for Development (AR4D) processes;
• Support relevant platforms for knowledge and information exchange along the available
value chains;
• Develop the Information Management Strategy and associated implementation plan;
• Develop a comprehensive mapping of agriculture data and information sources, with
specific institutional roles and responsibilities, and systems and processes for collecting,
managing, and sharing data and information with policymaker’s other stakeholders;
• Maintain up-to-date and easy-to-access database of lessons learned and best practices in
critical areas such as beneficiary registration, categorization of farmer investment profiles,
labor demand and supply, priority technical assistance demanded, market demand based
on local, regional and international consumption and production forecasting of major plant
and animal products to facilitate supply planning, design, and implementation of market
led production.
• Lead the development of a fully operational Agriculture Information and Communication
Management System in which relevant data, information and knowledge products are
systematically acquired, continuously upgraded and disseminated internally and externally
to counterparts’ partners, donors, media and other stakeholders through appropriate
delivery channels / pathways;
• Coordinate with technical divisions of the MBGEANFS, the AICTU Officer and the
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to develop and implement the Information Management
• Identify and define information requirements of components concerning each transaction;
• Set up operational arrangements for collecting, analyzing, assuring quality, and reporting
• Regular quality assurance of collected data to ensure its accuracy and validity;
• Coordinate timely information collection to ensure timely, accurate and complete
programmatic reporting;
• Review information flows according to the project cycle;
• Create a mechanism for analysing information gathered to generate reports to be accessed
by key stakeholders with security requirements
• Develop systems for capturing and documenting key successful interventions and share
this information through knowledge products such as blogs, success stories and newsletters
for dissemination to stakeholder audience;
• Assist the Project Manager in preparing periodic programmatic and management reports
project components in a standard reporting format required by the World Bank;
• Provide strategic information to the PIU Project Manager to guarantee that reports
submitted to the Project Steering Committee are accurate, timely and complete;
• Conduct joint work and coordinate activities with the PIU and MBGEANFS technical team
to ensure coordination of activities.
• Perform other duties as assigned by PIU Project Manager



Minimum qualification certificate in Information Management Systems
Bachelor of Science or higher Degree in Information Systems; Computer Science; and or related
fields would be an advantage
• Minimum 3 years of relevant professional experience in Data collection, Management and
Primary Analysis of Agriculturally related data.

• Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in Project monitoring and evaluation or relevant
connected fields.
• Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing information management
systems, tools and databases.

• Exceptional capacity to produce and submit reports on time.

• Ability to work within a team and interact effectively with collaborative
agencies/departments and development partners.

• Knowledge and practical experience with software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
and Internet, as well as social science analytical software (SPSS and /or Stata, preferably).

• Experience in working with World Bank / United Nations or international organizations
funded projects (desirable);

• Ability to use Statistical software for analysis of agricultural data

• Proficiency in English.

DURATION OF SERVICES - The estimated period of the services will be one year. The contract
extension will depend on performance and funds availability.
DUTY STATION - The AITO will work full time in the project office located in First Floor, First
Domestic Building, 19-21 King George V Street.
REPORT TO - The AITO will work under the supervision of the PIU Project Manager and will
report directly to the PIU Project Manager. Additionally, he/she will closely coordinate all
activities with the Information and Communication Technology Unit (ITCU) and the AICTU in

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