Contract Awards

Contract Awards Procurement


For awards after sealed bidding, a statement that the contract was awarded after competition by sealed bidding, the number of offers solicited and received, and the basis for selection.


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Contract Award Notice Restoration of the Salisbury Irrigation System

Contract Award Notice Procurement of Fencing Material

Contract Award Notice Central Livestock Farm- STEWCO

Contract Award Notice Wildlife Audit

Contract Award Notice External Audit Services

Contract Award Notice Computers for -CIS

Contract Award Notice Livestock Feed JIREH

Contract Award Notice King comp

Contract Award Notice Agricultural tools Lot 2 Isratech Jamaica Ltd

Contract Award Notice GO-RFB Lot 1, 3, 4 TMAX Supplies 

Contract Award Notice Canoes DIR Napoleon Sanford

Contract Award Notice North East Regional Office-Procurement of Minor Works Services- Rehabilitation of North East Agriculture Regional Office

Contract Award Notice InterContinental Pharma Inc

Contract Award Notice PM Healthcare Technologies - 170067

 Contract Award Notice Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies Ltd 

 Contract Award Notice EZEE DEVELOPMENT-Construction Materials to Support Livestock Restoration in the North-East Agriculture Region

 Contract Award Notice M & R TRADING LTD-Construction Materials to Support Livestock Restoration in the North-East Agriculture Region

Contract Award Notice Supply and Delivery of Screens and Doors to Support Livestock Restoration in the North-East Agriculture Region

Contract Award Notice In Service Strengthening of Extension Officers in Climate Resilience Practices for Improved Agricultural Production

Contract Award Notice Financial Audit 2020/2021 to 2021/2022 by the Commonwealth of Dominica under the Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilient Project