Crop Farmers


Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project, a World Bank fund project, will be implemented in a five-year period.

To contribute to restoring Agricultural livelihoods and enhancing climate resilience of farmers, through provision of:

  • An essential package of inputs (mainly improved quality seeds and fertilizers), tools, and materials for the replanting or restoration of crops.
  • Technical advisory services and training.

To be Eligible the Crop Farmers Must:

  1. Be involved in farming either on a full-time basis or part-time and crop production should be a major source of income. Public Servants involved in farming are eligible.
  2. Provide legal identification.
  3. Have a produce sellers’ license.
  4. Show proof of land ownership or have a legal lease/ agreement. Producers from the Kailnago Territory should provide a letter from the Kalinago Council stating legal rights to the land, or a lease. Producers without legal access to lands, will provide proof of sales documents from an exporting organization, e.g DEXIA, a supermarket or exporter of produce
  5. Have enough farm labor or equipment to implement the required cropping area or financial capacity to contract (seasonal) labor.
  6. Have been substantially affected by Hurricane Maria.

Crop farmer beneficiaries will choose a package from the FIVE main cropping systems in Dominica.   (Vegetables, Banana/Plantain, Root Crops, Horticulture and Tree Crops).

Under the project farmers will receive seeds, planting material, organic fertilizer, organic agricultural inputs, tools, and motorized equipment.


Restoring Livelihoods: Farm  by Farm……..